If you are interested in our ‘wildlife’ and would like to show your support, you are welcome to join as a FREE subscriber to this website.  Our online training course ‘Wildlife Rescue Awareness’ will also be available to you to complete, should you wish to do so.  Please be aware that by subscribing here, you are not authorised to rescue or care for any wildlife. 

To become more involved, you will need to join as a financial member to obtain both insurance cover and a ‘permit’ to hold wildlife.

Should you have a desire to become a wildlife carer, you will first need to contact the secretary to ascertain if there are any available positions and to demonstrate your skill sets, experience and training that would qualify you for a ‘carer permit’.  Should a carer opportunity exist, you will need to complete a formal application that will be provided to you, and pay an annual fee of $30.00 to cover both admin and insurance costs.  Payments can be made through PayPal or via Direct Credit to our Wildlife Rockhampton Bank account.