Never ever give up!

Please take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the tireless efforts of wildlife carers and rescuers worldwide.

This is young Robbie and his mum, Eastern Grey Kangaroos. Aurizon workers found them lying between railway tracks near Stanwell, Central Queensland. Thanks to a train driver for calling it in and control centre supervisor Robbie Ward for making it safe to allow Wildlife Rockhampton in for a rescue.

When found, railway workers had taken the injured roo and joey a safe distance from the tracks as another train was approaching. Baby Robbie had been trying to get back into mum’s pouch where he belonged and mum was just trying to survive.

Four of our volunteers dropped what they were doing and quickly arrived on the scene. Another two carers arrived at the vet surgery a short time later, along with the caring after-hours vet to see what could be done and to help with whatever needed doing.

It’s been a week of teamwork, long days and sleepless nights since then trying to help mum recover from whatever trauma she’d been through. She was kept sedated for 38 hours and once stable and awake suffered from severe vertigo. Unbalanced and unwell, she wouldn’t allow poor Robbie back in her pouch so we cared for him ourselves. After 5 sleepless nights, our carers were finally rewarded when mum allowed Robbie back into the warm comfort of her pouch.

This is mum and bub now, comfortable and recuperating under the watchful eye of our carers.