IN CARE: The BIG & the small

Both are recovering well after being hit by a vehicle. Huge thanks to the people who stopped to help them.

Both are adult males.
The little guy is a black striped wallaby. He received injuries to his head and spine.
The big fella is an Eastern Grey Kangaroo & has a fractured pelvis but where it is located, he has a good chance or recovery with rest in a safe enclosure.

With the bits of rain in some areas, the wildlife is hanging around the edges of the road to get a long-overdue drink and a bit of green grass.

Please if you accidentally hit an animal, respect, stop and check. If it needs help, phone 1300 ANIMAL. If deceased and a female check for a pouch and baby.

Also if travelling on rural roads, try to avoid travelling between dusk & dawn and any time of the day/night scan the edges and slow down if you can. Remember also if one roo crossed, its baby or other mob members may also follow.

Thank you for caring 💖🦘🐨🦜🦇🐢