Fundraise to Help our Wildlife

Thank you for considering Wildlife Rockhampton as a recipient of your fundraising event.

We rely on the generous support of members of our communities to enable us to continue helping our local wildlife, your help is always greatly appreciated!


Wildlife Rockhampton is a non-profit organisation with limited resources. All members, including the management team, are volunteers; we have no paid members.  Most of our volunteers are already heavily committed with the hands-on aspects of rescuing and caring for sick and injured wildlife. This commitment can, and does severely limit our ability to assist in the coordination of additional fundraising events outside those that we organise internally.  We will however, do our best to assist you in making your fundraiser a great success.

This information has been provided to help you understand your responsibilities as a fundraiser for Wildlife Rockhampton.  These guidelines will also form part of the terms and conditions of your fundraising activity once it has been approved.

There are many ways for people to run a fundraiser for Wildlife Rockhampton.  These guidelines are intended to cover smaller fundraising activities from organised events (e.g. BBQ’s, Trivia Nights etc.), sale of merchandise (e.g. donation of a portion of profits).  Some of the information may not be relevant to your activity so if you require any clarification, please contact us.

For more complex activities or events:

Authority to Fundraise

A “Letter of Authority” will be required from Wildlife Rockhampton approving and authorising all fundraising activities.  An application to fundraise on behalf of Wildlife Rockhampton should be completed, ensuring that sufficient information is included to enable us to fully consider your planned activity.  Please allow up to three (3) weeks for your application to be reviewed.

Once your fundraising activity is approved, you will be provided with a formal “Letter of Authority”.  This letter is required for you to begin the fundraising activity and/or use Wildlife Rockhampton’s name or logo in any activity to promote your fundraiser.  If you wish to discuss your proposed fundraising activity prior to applying, feel free to contact the Secretary at [email protected].

Authorised Activities

Wildlife Rockhampton will consider all fundraising activities that fit within our guidelines and that are in accordance with our core values.  Activities that are generally unacceptable may include, but not limited to the following:

  • Activities that involve a high level of personal or public risk
  • Activities that result in a potential negative impact on animals or the environment
  • Activities that endorse violence in any form

Wildlife Rockhampton does not endorse or approve any activity that involves the soliciting of donations through door-to-door, street or telephone collections, on public transport or in public places such as shopping centres, without express written permission and all necessary permits being obtained in advance.

If your activity involves the sale of merchandise (i.e. paying a portion of the sale proceeds/profit to Wildlife Rockhampton), we will also consider whether:

  • the item is of high quality
  • the item poses a danger to either individuals or the environment
  • the item is made from sustainable products
  • the item complies with all licensing or copyright requirements (i.e. that the item is your own design/work and you have authority to make/sell the item)
  • the anticipated proceeds from the activity will provide a reasonable return

If you wish to raise funds for us and are not an existing Wildlife Rockhampton member or are not known to us personally, we may ask you to provide a reference or identification prior to providing a ‘Letter of Authority’.  Unfortunately, this requirement is necessary to guard against unscrupulous and dishonest people.

Responsibilities & Obligations

The raising of funds for charitable organisations is governed by a variety of State and Federal guidelines and many activities have specific insurance and financial requirements.  It is therefore important that you understand your obligations before you commence any approved activity.
As a fundraiser for Wildlife Rockhampton you have many responsibilities and obligations, including:

  • Ensuring that all State and Federal regulations are adhered to
  • Applying for any required permits for activities such as raffles, auctions etc.
  • Applying for any required licences for activities such as BBQ’s or events on Council/public land
  • Ensuring that any item/merchandise being sold complies with all regulations (including safety, labeling etc.)
  • Being responsible for the coordination and management of the activity including any licences, insurance, publicity and the procurement of any prizes, services, volunteers and personnel
  • Assuming full responsibility for managing the activity in a professional & appropriate manner
  • Responsibility for minimising any risk associated with the activity and for the safety of the event, volunteers, attendees and any other personnel involved
  • Responsibility for arranging Public Liability insurance specific to the approved activity and which indemnifies Wildlife Rockhampton against any liability in relation to the activity
  • Accepting responsibility for all expenses relating to the activity and ensuring that they are addressed to you and not addressed to Wildlife Rockhampton
  • Where the activity is an event (either for Wildlife Rockhampton members only or open to the public), you must ensure compliance with Wildlife Rockhampton’s policies and procedures.

Public Liability Insurance

Wildlife Rockhampton does hold public liability insurance to cover fundraising activities however some conditions/exclusions do apply.  You will be covered under our policy once you have received a ‘Letter of Authority’ and we will provide you with a copy of our insurance certificate should you require it.

Wildlife Rockhampton reserves the right to decline the fundraising event if it is deemed dangerous or has an unacceptably high risk.  Depending upon your event, you may also need to consider arranging additional public liability insurance of your own.

Representing Wildlife Rockhampton

You must ensure that any fundraising activity is operated in your name and not in the name of Wildlife Rockhampton.  You, not Wildlife Rockhampton will be solely responsible for all aspects of the management of the activity, however, where possible, Wildlife Rockhampton will provide you with advice and support.

All correspondence or promotional material relating to the fundraising activity must clearly state that the activity is being undertaken to raise funds for donation to Wildlife Rockhampton – Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release Inc.

Acceptable phrases/wording that can be used include:

  • “proudly supporting Wildlife Rockhampton”
  • “funds raised will go to support the work of Wildlife Rockhampton”
  • “all proceeds donated to Wildlife Rockhampton”

Unacceptable phrases/wording include:

  • “Wildlife Rockhampton Charity Dinner”
  • “Wildlife Rockhampton Sausage Sizzle”
  • “Wildlife Rockhampton Trivia Night”

Media and Promotion

You will be responsible for the promotion of your activity, however, Wildlife Rockhampton must approve all promotional material prior to distribution.  You are welcome to include your proposed promotional material in your application, or email it to [email protected] after you have been issued with your Letter of Authority to commence the fundraising activity.

You are not authorised to contact any media outlets or issue any media releases without obtaining written permission from Wildlife Rockhampton. If you are approached by the media in relation to your activity, it is important that you contact us before proceeding.

If you would like Wildlife Rockhampton to promote your event through our internal networks and social media, please ensure that the information is provided to us well in advance to allow us time to consider the material. Wildlife Rockhampton’s decision to promote your activity through our internal networks and/or social media is at our discretion.

Use of Logo

The use of the Wildlife Rockhampton logo is not permitted without our prior written authorisation.

A digital copy of our logo can be provided upon request.  Placement of the logo on any material must be approved by the organisation prior to use and it cannot be altered in any way from the original format.

If you wish to use the Wildlife Rockhampton name or logo on any branded items (e.g. hand-made goods, re-packaged retail goods), we will need to discuss this with you to ensure that it fits within our branding guidelines and provide approval for its use.

Promotional Material

Wildlife Rockhampton has some promotional material that we may be able to provide or lend to you. Some of the resources that we have include:

  • Information Brochures – outlines how we help our local wildlife
  • Wildlife brochures – on topics such as, wildlife friendly fencing and netting
  • Posters – promoting the Wildlife Rockhampton emergency rescue hotline

Financial Matters

You are responsible for all financial aspects of the activity, which includes record keeping, funds management, payment of all expenses and donating the net proceeds to Wildlife Rockhampton.  If required, we can provide guidance in this regard.

You are responsible for compliance with all applicable legislation/regulations.

Note:  As Wildlife Rockhampton – Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release Inc. is registered as an Incorporated Association in Queensland, we are only permitted to raise funds from activities conducted in Queensland.

Once the fundraising activity is approved, please ensure that the fund-raiser coordinator is aware of any legislative controls or compliance issues specific to the type of fundraising activity you will be engaged in.

Most activities are straight forward, however, it is important that you understand the obligations associated with fundraising for charitable purposes in Queensland.

Further information can be found at:

Record Keeping

It is imperative that you keep accurate records of your fundraising activity, as well as any receipts for expenses claimed (where expenditure has previously been authorised from Wildlife Rockhampton funds).  For most activities, keeping a simple Excel spreadsheet will be sufficient.  If you need advice on what information should be kept, please contact us.

Paying the funds to Wildlife Rockhampton – Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release Inc.

All funds raised on our behalf are to be paid within three (3) weeks of the fundraising activity.  Fundraising proceeds can be paid to Wildlife Rockhampton in one of the following ways: –

Commonwealth Bank (CBA)

  • BSB: 064-710
  • Account No: 1059 4755
  • Account Name:  Wildlife Rockhampton – Rescue, Rehabilitation & Release Inc.

Please use the approved “activity name” as the reference.

OR funds can be paid via PayPal to Wildlife Rockhampton.  Please ensure that you include your approved “activity name”.  Following the depositing of funds, please advise the details by email to the Wildlife Rockhampton Treasurer at [email protected].

Should you require assistance in this regard, please contact the Wildlife Rockhampton Treasurer at [email protected].


Tax-Deductible and Non-Tax-Deductible Receipts

Tax-deductible receipts are subject to very strict conditions as set down by the Australian Taxation Office.  A tax-deductible receipt can only be issued in the following circumstances: –

Where the donation amounts to $2.00 and over (in Australia).

  • Where a donation is made on a purely voluntary basis with no conditions attached (e.g. where no service or goods are provided in return).
  • Tax-deductible receipts can only be issued to the original donor.
  • Where you are donating proceeds or profit (in full or in part) from the sale of items that you personally make or own (e.g. donation of % of sale proceeds from the sale of hand-made goods).

Non-tax-deductible receipts (tax invoices) are issued in the following circumstances: –

  • Where a payment is made on a conditional basis (e.g. recognition of sponsorship).
  • Where payment is made in exchange for goods or services (e.g. purchase of raffle tickets, auction item, entry fees).
  • From the sale of items that are donated/collected from others (e.g. garage sale/car boot sale items).

You cannot claim a tax deduction for funds that you collected from other people.  When you submit funds raised from your activity, you can request a tax invoice/receipt as an acknowledgement of the funds you raised, however, you are not entitled to a tax-deductible receipt.

We may be able to provide you with a receipt book for the collection of tax-deductible and non-tax-deductible receipts.  This will be discussed with you once your activity has been approved.

For some fundraising activities, it may be more appropriate to utilise existing fundraising portals such as “Everyday Hero” or “My Cause”. These portals have the advantage of portraying your activity in a more professional manner and provide greater transparency to your potential supporters.  They also provide automated receipt functions.

For activities that involve the collection of actual donations (see above requirements), it may be more appropriate to provide potential donors with the link to Wildlife Rockhampton’s secure donation portal through our website:  By utilising this portal, donors are emailed a tax-deductible receipt and your reporting and record keeping obligations would be reduced significantly.  This also significantly decreases the workload on our volunteer Treasurer.

Finalising your activity

We would love to receive a detailed summary and feedback from you as to the success of your event as well as photos that we could use to acknowledge your efforts.  Once funds are received, we can issue you with a formal letter and appropriate receipt acknowledging your contribution to Wildlife Rockhampton.

Thank you!

On behalf of the Board of Management, members and wildlife rehabilitators of Wildlife Rockhampton, we would like to thank you for choosing our organisation for your fundraising activities.  Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the fundraising guidelines or if you require any support for your activity.

Financial Support

Every donation we receive goes towards the rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife.  We’re grateful for every dollar received.Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia.

Donations can be paid as follows:

Direct deposit: Wildlife Rockhampton BSB: 064 710, Account No: 1059 4755

Cheque or Money Order:  Contact the Secretary for guidance


Corporate Sponsorship

We encourage businesses to sponsor Wildlife Rockhampton by donating goods, services or funding.  It’s a fantastic way for your business to support both the community and environment.

We promote our corporate sponsors on our website, through social media and in news articles, so your business receives valuable marketing as well.