Recycling to keep Queensland beautiful

As a state, we’re great at many things.  However, when it comes to recycling, Queensland can do a lot better.  In fact, we have one of the lowest recycling rates in Australia, at around 44%. 

Each year, approximately three billion beverage containers are generated in our state alone and are the second most littered item.

So to help us all improve our recycling efforts and keep our beautiful environment litter-free, Containers for Change scheme lets people get a 10 cent refund for each eligible container returned to a refund point.

Containers for Change provides an exciting opportunity for charities; helping to raise much-needed funds. 

Anyone can choose to donate to you via your scheme ID (C10002811) when they return their containers to a refund point.

Collecting eligible containers as a group and returning them at a container refund point, receiving 10 cents per container

OR donate here.

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