It’s all gone – there’s nothing left!

Fellow wildlife carers and followers across Australia, hearts were broken when they woke to this news on New Year’s Morning.

Near Batemans Bay in NSW, Wild2Free Inc. – Kangaroo Sanctuary ( and the surrounding bushland was burnt to the ground. There was nowhere for the wildlife to flee.

One of Australia’s committed volunteer wildlife carers Rae, fled to a boat on the water, the only way out. From the middle of the bay at 4 am, she watched helplessly as the flames decimated all in their path.

There is hope …… Last known update was that there were some kangaroos and wallabies coming home. It is unknown if they have burns or how many have survived.

As a Carer, I can imagine how much strength Rae must be drawing on right now. Not knowing how each one of her wild family members faired. Not knowing how much wildlife will need her support until the land recovers enough for food and shelter. Not knowing how injured the animals are and how many months of treatment will be needed.

Please support Rae & the Sanctuary – to rebuild, to treat the injured, to save our dwindling wildlife populations. Like the page and if you are able, please help directly by donating via one of the links there.Wild2Free Inc. – Kangaroo Sanctuary 

At 4am on NYE, I was woken to a raging wind and inferno. The Mogo State Forest was on fire. We tried to protect the property but we couldn’t. It wasn’t a bushfire. It was a raging apocalypse! There were no planes or fire trucks there to access or help us. By the time it reached the back of our property, our neighbour Simon (pictured) had already lost everything. We took shelter at the river and he was able to get his boat over to us and he got us to the only place we could be, in the centre of the water at Batemans Bay. We are safe with friends and Simon has been back. There is nothing left except miraculously, the little cottage. He is there with no power and no water. We are safe with communications back tonight, at Bawley Point staying with a friend. The inferno was so bad we probably would have died too from smoke inhalation, if not fire. Given the intensity, we are unsure if any of the Roos survived. I wait for news and desperately hope that even one made it out alive. There was nowhere for them to flee. We will go on. We will rebuild. We will restore nature and then we will again care for kangaroos. They are the ONLY thing that matters to me. Many messages and missed calls. I will get to them as I can. #nyeabc #abcmyphoto #currowanfire #clydemountainfire #apocolypse